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Care of/ Damaged Cards

Care of/Damaged Cards

Care of Card
  • Washing of Card: Clean with damp cloth as needed. It is not recommended that you throw your card in the washing machine with your dirty laundry.
  • Drying of Card: If your ID is wet, simply wipe the card with a dry cloth. Using a dryer can prove to be damaging to the card.
  • Bending of Card: The ID card is issued as a straight piece of plastic, and works best if it remains in that shape. ID cards placed in the bottom of book bags tend to suffer when books are dropped in on top of them. Placing your ID card in your pocket will cause bending which may result in breakage.
  • Biting of Card: Please do not bite down on your card or hold your card in your mouth. This will cause small puncture holes in your card and could create damage.
  • Feeding of Pets: Please keep your pets from chewing on your ID card. More suitable food exists for your pets!
  • Magnetic Forces: Magnetic forces tend to have a detrimental effect on the magnetic strip of your ID. Avoid placing your ID on stereo equipment, microwaves, or near other magnetic strips, such as charge cards.
  • Punching Holes: The ID card works best if you do not punch a hole in the card. If there is a hole in your ID card, you will have to purchase a replacement ID.
Lost Cards

If your Colonel Card is lost or stolen, report it immediately by calling 1-800-815-5448, or by visiting the Card Services Office located in Commonwealth 2nd Floor. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards will result in a $25 replacement charge. Any value on the Campus Declining Balance Accounts cannot be refunded. 

Name/Status Change

Name changegs must be submitted to the Registrars office and must appear in the card services database prior to printing a new ID card.  

Damaged and Misused Cards: (Replacement fees may be assessed)

Cardholder damage or misuse includes, but is not limited to, the following common types of misuse that will damage the card: punching a hole, having the card go through the laundry (washer or dryer), leaving the card on any hot surface (car dashboard or windowsill exposed to intense sun, a stove or radiator), leaving the card on an electronic device (a stereo), dropping the card in a puddle, using the card to pick a door jam lock, using the edge of the card as a screwdriver, and any alterations to the information on the card (trying to change your name, ID number, etc...).

A $25 replacement fee will be assessed to the student/faculty/staff account.

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