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Colonel Card

Colonel Card ID

Your Colonel Card serves as the official identification card of the university and is the key to services on campus. This card must be carried at all times.

The Colonel Card is used for a variety of services including meal plans, building access, student athletic tickets, class attendance, Colonel Cash, optional flex, and as a library card.

$25 ID card replacement fee will be assessed to student account.

Undergraduate Student Photo Submissions

Eligibility: undergraduate freshmen and transfer students who have registered for an Academic Orientation Program are encouraged to submit their photo online.

Note: Online students are not required to upload a photo and will not receive an ID card.

You will pick up your completed Colonel Card during orientation. You must bring your student ID number and present a government issued photo ID such as a US driver’s license or state ID or passport. If you do not have the proper identity verification documents, you will NOT be able to pick up your Colonel1Card. If you have questions about these requirements, you can call our office at 859.622.2179, Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm or email us at

What is the deadline for uploading a photo?

In most cases, online photos must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to orientation. Exceptions occur near holidays. You can check Fall 2019 photo deadline dates here.

Colonel Card Photo Submission

The Colonel Card online photo submission site enables eligible registered students to upload a picture to be used on the student ID card, known as the Colonel Card.

Photo Submission Criteria

The Colonel Card ID Office will send an email to your EKU email address regarding whether your submitted photo is accepted or declined.

Tips for Photos

All photos are subject to approval by the Colonel Card Office.

Directions for Taking a Photo to Submit Online

1. Take a new photo.

2. Stand in front of a smooth, light background, such as a white wall.

3. Use good lighting. Photos that are dark, overexposed, or show glare on glasses will not be accepted.

4. Face forward and look at the camera.

5. The photo should be a centered and front-facing headshot that doesn't need to go below the shoulders.


•  Use a recent color photo in JPG format.

•  Keep eyes open and visible.

•  Use a white or light color with a smooth background.

•  Center the photo and include a front view of the full face.

•  Crop the image in a square just above the top of the head to the collarbone.

•  Use good lighting.



•  Wear hats, graduation caps, sunglasses or other items that obscure your face.

•  Include other objects, animals, or people in the photo submitted.

•  Don't use patterns, texture or scenic backgrounds for your photo.

•  Use images that have glare from glasses or heavy shadows.

•  Use images that are overexposed or underexposed.

•  Use filters


The Most Common Reasons Photos are Rejected:

•  The photo is too far away.  Be sure to crop the photo so that it goes from the top of your head to the top of your shoulders.

•  Exposure - The photo is too light or too dark.

•  The background is not white or a light color.  Bright blue or red backgrounds are not acceptable.

•  Graduation photos.  These are typically not done using a white, smooth background and are a very high resolution which will not upload

How do I upload a photo for my new Colonel Card?

Download the GET Mobile app for iOS or Android devices, select Eastern Kentucky University as your campus and login with the first part of your EKU email address (i.e. joe_colonel1) and password (used to log into your EKU email/blackboard). You’ll find instructions for taking and uploading your photo.

Alternately, in EKU Direct (, click on “GET - Upload Photo & Account Overview.” Login using the first part of your email address (i.e. joe_colonel1) and password (used to log into your EKU email/blackboard) and click “Upload ID Photo under Quick Links” to upload your photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my Colonel Card ID?

In most cases, you will receive your Colonel Card ID during your orientation Program. Information about ID distribution will be in your orientation schedule.

International students attending orientation programs will have ID distribution information included in their Pre-Arrival Information and Preparation checklist.

What do I need to do to get my Colonel Card ID

In order to pick up your ID card, you must provide your student ID which is a nine-digit student number that begins with 901 along with a government issued photo ID to verify your identity. A passport, US driver's license, state or military photo ID are acceptable verification documents.

Can someone else pick up my ID card for me?

No, we must verify your identity in person with a government issued photo ID. Only a passport, U.S. driver’s license, state ID or Military Photo ID or are acceptable to verify identity.

How will I know if the photo I submitted online was accepted?

You will receive an email from the Colonel Card Office within two business days indicating if your photo was accepted or declined.

When I log in to the online photo site, I don't see where I can add my photo. Can I still upload my photo?

You must be signed up for an undergraduate freshmen or transfer orientation session in order to be eligible to upload a photo. If you are a graduate student or an undergraduate not attending orientation, you will not be able use the online photo program.

Do I have to submit my photo online?

We prefer you submit your photo online. If you submit your photo online, it saves you time; allows you to avoid the lines in the ID office and your ID will be ready for you at orientation.

Where will my refund go?

Using EKU Direct, students can set up the preference for delivering any remaining funds. Options include receiving a refund via check or ACH electronic deposit. Instructions on how to make this change can be found here.

How do I link my card with a bank account?

The card may be linked with a U.S. Bank account. Please visit the local branch at 200 E Main St., Richmond, KY 40475, or the U.S. Bank location in the bottom floor of Powell when it opens on campus. This will allow your Colonel Card to function as your bank card on and off campus. Your Colonel Card will still function perfectly well on campus if you choose not to link it with a bank account.

Can I use my Colonel Card for purchases away from campus?

If your Colonel Card is linked to a U.S. Bank account, it may be used similar to a debit card with pin for purchases at physical locations. It may not, however, be used for online purchases. A separate card may be requested at a U.S. Bank branch or location, which is linked to the same funds as the Colonel Card and can be used for online purchases.

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